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One Of The Greatest Victories Of My Childhood

When I was a kid, I envied the kids who had pools.

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Boys Playing With Toys That Teach Them Nothing But Are Awesome

I like educational toys just as much as any other mom. The kids can learn while they play, you say? Sign us up!

But I also like toys that are just awesome and fun because, we’ll, just because.

Case in point: Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots.


(That’s G and 3 competing for the title of Champion Annihilator. )

Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots first hit toy store shelves in 1964 to the delight of kids around the U.S. and elsewhere. It features two robots (1 red and 1 blue) in a boxing ring. Each of the 2 players controls one of them. Then, essentially, they fight to the death, which for robots means they fight until someone’s head pops off.

My kids love this toy because it involves physically controlling your robot and fighting and is also a quick game. Also, ROBOTS!

I love this toy because it’s a classic, it’s a confrontation-based game but its awesome enough that no one gets mad at each other, it’s sturdy and any person with 2 thumbs and a desire to have fun can play it. Also, ROBOTS!

It retails for about $20 and I’ve seen it at Target and our local board game store. It’s probably at other stores, too, so check it out!

What do you think? Are robots awesome?

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The toy your little girl needs.

A few months ago, I saw this video. It about made me jump out of my chair from excitement. My 6-year-old daughter, B, needs this toy. It is right up her alley. It’s right up the alley of most little girls I know.

GoldieBlox is an engineering toy that isn’t just geared towards little girls like all of the other boy-toys-turned-pink “girls” toys on the market right now. It was made with girls specifically in mind. It was made to not just appeal to them, but was tailored to their specific learning style.

It’s not brand new information that girls learn differently than boys.

A man and a woman both go to the hardware store and buy a set of utility shelves.

The woman comes home, opens the box, reads the instructions, lays everything out in front of her in an organized fashion, reads the instructions again and THEN put the shelves together.

The man comes home, dumps the entire contents of the box on the floor, finds what he believes to be the bottom of the shelving unit, starts screwing stuff into it, kicks the instructions under the car on accident, finishes with 3 leftover brackets and a bag of nuts that somehow never got opened.

How many times have we criticized the man in our life for not using the instructions? But they don’t ignore instructions because they’re stupid or they’re arrogant. The ignore them because reading a booklet isn’t really their thing. They need to see the parts and put their hands on them. Girls need to see a set of rules to follow in plain black and white. GoldieBlox have a set of instructions, written in the form of a storybook which makes them absolutely perfect for little girls.

Goldie is a girl inventor. Little girls (or their parents) read along in the book and follow Goldie’s instructions to build simple machines. What’s not awesome about that?!

GoldieBlox retails for $29.99 so look for it in toy stores near you or on Fat Brain Toys if you follow the price link. Also, check out Fat Brain Toys if you never have. It’s the best toy store EVER. Their retail store is located in Omaha, NE so if you live near there, go check it out.

And, of course, saying that all girls or all boy are a certain way is a generalization. All people are different. I just know that if this toy had been around when I was a kid, I would have wanted it.

When you were a kid, what was your favorite toy?

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