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Oh My Gosh! It’s Like Finding Treasure!

I found a long-forgotten bag of hand-me-downs in my laundry room. Whoever gave me these, please know that I appreciate the free clothes and love you from the bottom of my heart before you read this. Continue reading

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I’m Going To Wear A Bikini

This isn’t a new topic. Every single spring or early summer, each and every one of us – from toned size 2 all the way up to confident size 28 – put on our suits from last year, stand in front of the mirror and judge ourselves a little. Why is that? Do we really hate ourselves that much or does the problem actually lie somewhere else?

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The nail polish I’m drooling over.

There is just something about spring that makes me feel young again. The air seems extra clean, life is new, the sun is shining and you suddenly panic because you’re going to have to put on a swimsuit in a few weeks. Who’s no spring chicken? THIS girl, but that won’t stop me from wearing bright nail polish in the name of springtime rejuvenation!

Let me introduce you to the Zoya PixieDust Summer 2013 collection. I’ve just linked to Michelle Mismas’ All Lacquered Up showing swatches because A.) her swatches of polish are always great with great descriptions of the colors, B.) her nails aren’t janky and C.) owning this polish collection is still merely on my wishlist.

Take a minute to peruse those pictures and hop around on her blog a little if you like that kind of thing. I’ve been subscribed to this blog for a couple of years and I’d recommend anyone who like beauty-related stuff do the same.

This collection is just SO fun! The colors are bright, the unique matte texture is so cool and I NEED that crazy yellow!! To check those out if you haven’t yet.

While I wait for you to do that then come back here and tell me what you think, here is a picture of totally normal nails for you viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.


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