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Seeds Are Good For Teaching Kids Stuff

In seed time, learn; in harvest, teach; in winter, enjoy. -William Blake. Continue reading

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Wimpy Kid Saves The Day!

My oldest son, G, has never been a reader. Granted, he’s only in the 2nd grade and its possible that he just hasn’t gotten there yet. Since he has autism though, I was worried that it would never be something he loved as much as I do.

Over the past few days, something has changed.

Maybe it’s the book he’s reading. Readers, do you remember the first book that you read that you absolutely loved? I do. Superfudge. I blew threw it in what seems like hours in retrospect. With that momentum, I moved on to Charlotte’s Web. From there, I’m not sure where I went, but I know I never stopped. Please, God, let Diary Of A Wimpy Kid be that for G!

Or maybe he’s had an emotional growth spurt. Autism is funny that way, at least it has been for G. He tends to grab a new social skill or piece of understanding out of the blue and it always surprises me. One day he screams at a woman in the store because she smiles at him and the next day he’s having a conversation with someone in almost the exact same setting. So, maybe today was the day that G can have the attention span or desire to sit down and read a book because his brain just decided he was ready.

Whatever has happened, I’m not complaining. I’m not complaining now and I won’t complain if I look into his room at midnight on any given night and see this very same picture. I won’t complain if his appetite for reading is so insatiable that space has to be made in our budget to accommodate his book habit. I will never EVER complain about G reading books.


What was the first book you remember loving?

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