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An App I Love + Bonus Poop Joke!

I’m going to tell you about an app I love. After that, I’ll share some poop jokes The Husband just made up. They’re knock-knock jokes. Stay tuned… Continue reading

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Facebook: Translated

I don’t look at Facebook as much as I used to. I find that, in general, people aren’t themselves there. They’re “friends” with their mom so they can’t be candid. They post something political because it’s what the respectable person of their party should do. They wish people they don’t know a Happy Birthday because Facebook told them to, not because they care.

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I’m Going To Wear A Bikini

This isn’t a new topic. Every single spring or early summer, each and every one of us – from toned size 2 all the way up to confident size 28 – put on our suits from last year, stand in front of the mirror and judge ourselves a little. Why is that? Do we really hate ourselves that much or does the problem actually lie somewhere else?

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One Of Those Epic Moments

I think all of us girls (and some guys who won’t admit it) can think of a moment in a movie that was so romantic that you noticed, even as a child. Was it Rhett and Scarlett taking turns loving each other until they each were too stubborn to live happily ever after? Was it Anne Shirley refusing to feel what she felt for Gilbert Blythe because she somehow didn’t think she measured up? For me, both of those spoke volumes to my young heart about romance and love, but one set of star-crossed lovers stood out among the rest.

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A Colorblind Person’s Favorite Color

I know. It’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard in your whole life. How can a person who is colorblind have a favorite color? We do, though. At least I do. I’ve recently noticed that the way in which my favorite color has changed over the years could actually tell a person a lot about me. So, I’ll tell you today about my favorite colors. Maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t know.

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Open! Free Book Inside!

Not really. I’ll give you guys some crap soon, though.

As a full-time mom, I don’t get loads of time to read. Fortunately, I read fast enough to make even a small block of reading during my day worth it. This week, I’m obsessed with a book I’ve heard lots of good things about. It’s the first in a series and as of right now, I’m hooked.

This isn’t a real review because I’m not done with the book yet. But in the brand new tradition of my Friday “…de la Semaine” posts that I’ll probably get tired of doing soon, I’m just filling you in on a trivial thing that I liked this week.


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

First, I started reading this because its come very highly recommended to me. I was really hoping the Outlander series was the historical fiction version of George R. R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire series. Alas, it is not, but more on that in a minute.

The general premise: This girl and her husband go on vacation in the Scottish Highlands. It’s 1940something and the couple needed a break from the war. Then, she touches this big stone in one of those ancient stone circles and – WOOPSIE – she’s gone back in time to 1743. She’s still in Scotland and is super confused. She has to make dangerous alliances to survive and – What’s this? – is she, a married woman, falling in love with a man from the past?!

Sounds cheesy, right? Yeah. It is, but it has entrapped me in its tangled web. I was so desperately hoping that this series would be more of a quality read. Instead, it’s fluff. It reads like a romance novel but with less descriptions of the headstrong leading lady’s current attire in painful detail. There’s a little more substance; more meat to chew on… except its more of a pressed and formed patty, not a choice cut.

Still, I’m entertained to the point of obsession. Fluff lovers and historical fiction lovers will love it. Someone in search of a deeper cut will be disappointed.

There you have it. This was my first not-really-a-review review. What are you reading?

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