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What should a woman in 2013 in a first-world country be doing with her time?

Well, according to the blogosphere, she should be raising 2+ beautiful, perfectly behaved, artistic geniuses, organizing her craft room (Ribbons arranged by color>size>pattern>fabric.), training for a marathon, shopping at vintage clothing stores, making meals that never suck out of 100% organic ingredients, working a full-time job (as a blogger or otherwise), making sure her honey-blonde hair is perfectly tousled (45 minutes with a curling iron) and applying a “super fast and easy” everyday face of makeup (BB cream, blush, vibrant, unsmudged eye liner, 8 coats of mascara or falsies and “just a quick swipe” of [perfectly applied] lipstick.), running the PTO and having TONS of energy to throw on a teddy and some heels and have rockstar sex with her husband.

Is this normal? No.

Unfortunately, the number of blogs that advertise these daily accomplishments far outweighs the number of blogs about real, normal people. Maybe these women/mommies/bloggers are the real deal. If they are, good on them! Unfortunately, with so many of these blogs floating around out there, women who don’t quite measure up start to feel inadequate.

I’m lucky in a day if I get ONE of those things mentioned above done. Honestly, I’m lucky if I can appropriately take care of my toileting needs without someone breaking something and cutting themselves in my 45 seconds of absence.

My house isn’t perfect. My kids scream at each other. Sometimes I scream at my kids. Sometimes I cook food that is inedible and we have to order emergency take-out. I won’t be training for ANY marathons. Like, ever. I don’t shower every day.

I’m flawed.

This is totally normal.


4 thoughts on “The Blog

  1. Angela says:

    We have a lot in common, Heidi. 🙂 Love the premise of your blog and poking around a bit made me smile. Thanks for following my blog. Hopefully we’ll chat now and again.

    • Heidi says:

      Angela, I’m so flattered that a REAL writer commented on my itty bitty blog. I’m so looking forward to following you and getting to know you better.

  2. Kate says:

    Am enjoying your blog. I always look forward to the next read. Thanks for keeping it totally normal!

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