My name is Heidi. I’m 32 years old and so far in my life, I’ve been given a lot to write about.

I’ve endured tragedies like anyone but my life has been mostly good. Plus, my defense mechanism is to laugh, so I usually don’t take anything seriously long enough to be sad about it. You say cold and unfeeling. I say awesome. Potato, potahto.

I stay home with my four children. In general, I like doing this with the odd but regular instance of the crazy face. I’m legally blind and can’t drive, so we stay home all the time. ALL the time. I’m a free range yet authoritative mother, which doesn’t even make sense. But buzz words! Yay!

I love my family, music, reading, makeup, nail polish, sleeping in, God, cycling (shorts and flip-flops not Spandex and clips), ice cream, Diet Pepsi, writing, butter, bath bombs and laughing.

I loathe fake or needy people, haters, snowy days that are sunny, Dr. Pepper, romance novels, the words machine and vehicle, birds, flies, tomatoes and sherbert.

I’m writing this blog as much for myself as I am for you. Doing this gives me a sense of purpose, fills a void and makes me happy. I hope you enjoy yourself amongst these pages.



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