An Experience With Canning

Well, we were up til 2 this morning canning cherries. THAT was an experience.

I’ve never canned anything before. However, my best friend’s mom texted me yesterday morning and asked if I wanted some cherries. Cherry pie happens to be The Husband’s (and lots of other people’s) favorite pie that I make. If I buy canned cherries, it costs $15 per pie. So, obviously, I said that I wanted to come pick cherries.

We went, we picked, we left with 2 gallons of cherries.

When we left, we intended to freeze them. But the more I thought about that, the weirder I thought it was. So, we ran to Ryan’s parents’ house to get some canning supplies. By the time we got home, it was 9:30. No big whoop. We’ll be done by midnight.


We washed the cherries and then started pitting them.


Look how pretty!

Have you ever pitted cherries? It BLOWS! It blows so hard! We don’t have a cherry pitter, so we took all of the pits out with our fingers. We pitted 8 pounds of cherries. It took 2 hours. Just the pitting. My fingers peeled.

Once that was done, we fired up the ol’ water bath canner, filled the jars and stuck them in there. Once it started boiling, we could start timing our cherry canning. It takes 25 minutes to can cherries.

It takes 25 minutes to can cherries AFTER the water reaches a full, rolling boil.

It took an hour for the water to boil in a giant pot with 7 quarts of cherries in it.

We went to bed at 2. We didn’t even know if they had sealed. We still kind of don’t? *shrug* #lamesttagever #canningn00bproblems


But look how pretty!


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2 thoughts on “An Experience With Canning

  1. Sarah says:

    Ah man, my first thought (ok, second after “I wish I had some cherries) was “Why don’t you just freeze them?” That’s what my grandma and mom always did/do. But hey, they had an extra deep freezer to store stuff like that. And I’m really proud of you for tackling canning, it’s really intimidating. I’ve canned exactly twice since moving out of Indiana, and right now, I have a record of 1 kitchen fire per 2 canning attempts.

    • Heidi says:

      The freezing would have taken off some time, but my main complaint was the pitting. Yowza! Zero fun. Plus, I’m using these for pies and a big part of the pie filling is that lovely juice that’s been in the can with the cherries. You don’t get that with freezing.

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