Saturday Strawberry Goodness

We hit the farmer’s market this morning.
I got 2 lbs of Indiana strawberries.

I’m sure they’re no different than strawberries in any other state. The best thing (usually) about buying local produce, is that it’s better.

See? This is what a good strawberry looks like. Yes, it’s 1/3 the size of a supermarket strawberry. It’s also not white in the middle and is tender and sweet. Also, these strawberries were picked just a couple of days ago. After supermarket produce is harvested, processed, packaged and shipped, it arrives at your store, is shelved and waits for you to buy it. This process take around a month on average. Mmmmm. Month-old perishables…

Mind you, I’m not the Crazy Organic Lady. We don’t live on a money farm. I just had a hankering for pie. You can’t make a strawberry pie with white, sour, bland strawberries.

Now, you can make just any old pie. I’ve seen people sweeten some berries, put the in a pie she’ll and call it a strawberry pie. HAHAHAHAHA! No.

Short Stop Blog has the best recipe ever.

This is how you do it. This is the best way. This is the only way I’ll ever do it. You won’t regret taking the time to do this. At all.

Let me know how it goes.

Also, who wants to start a money farm with me?

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Strawberry Goodness

  1. Michelle Charboneau says:

    Where do you go to pick your berries? We go to Anderson Orchard for most of our fresh picked fruit, but I don’t have a place for strawberries.

    • Heidi says:

      We went to the farmer’s market in Zionsville. Stuckey’s has berries, but I don’t know about strawberries.

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