Oh My Gosh! It’s Like Finding Treasure!

I found a long-forgotten bag of hand-me-downs in my laundry room. Whoever gave me these, please know that I appreciate the free clothes and love you from the bottom of my heart before you read this.

Who gave me this?
Whoever you are, I can tell that we have the same taste because this appears to rarely have been worn.

And on behalf of 3, I would like to squee for joy for you. I couldn’t possibly describe in words the expression of elation on my third child’s face when he learned that not only did this shirt exist in the universe, but it belonged to him and him alone, and fits him right now.

Residents of my town, I completely understand that my son may end up on peopleofwalmart.com . I will sign whatever consent is required.

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2 thoughts on “Oh My Gosh! It’s Like Finding Treasure!

  1. Alison says:

    3 needs to rock that shirt whenever you plan on making a public appearance. He will get so many compliments for having such a fashionista for his mama!

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