Seeds Are Good For Teaching Kids Stuff

In seed time, learn; in harvest, teach; in winter, enjoy. -William Blake.
I think about plants a lot. It’s not because I’m some sort of guru at growing things. I’m not. I kill things usually before I ever get a chance to plant them.

But, I have a kid with autism. People always associate the autism spectrum disorders with mathematical wizardry. Some kids with ASDs are really good at math and love it. It’s not math for the love of math, though. These kids love math because there aren’t too many exceptions to the rules.

It’s the same with gardening. Put seed in ground as directed. Water seed as directed. Plant grows, flowers, and produces food. Continue watering. Pull weeds. Pick produce when ripe. It doesn’t really vary much from that.

Plus, I really like the lessons a kid can learn by tending a garden. If you take care of this plant, it will give you delicious food. There is such thing as too much of a good thing. This is how a plant grows

Most of all, I love how proud G is when he grows something. Three months ago, this plant that is now heavy with fruit was a seed in an envelope. If you want to see a kid beam their face off, let them grow something they can eat.

I think I’m turning into a hippy.

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