Normal Lunch: Meatless Edition

Raise your hand if your kids have had frozen chicken nuggets for lunch for the past 4 days in a row. … Yeah. I raised my hand, too. Lunch for my kids is something that has been hard for me as a mom. I am always in a rush to get them fed and in bed so I can have my quiet time.

So, this week, I’m going to throw some ideas at you to help you spice things up a bit. Don’t worry. I’m not judging you for your chicken nugget habit. I’m just giving us both a bit of a kick in the pants.

**Note: If you’re looking for kids lunches with sandwiches cut to look like woodland creatures with banana and raisin eyes, you’ve come to the wrong place. Those lunches aren’t normal.**

You know what? You’re kids don’t have to eat meat at every meal. They need protein, but not meat. Hot dogs don’t really count as either, anyway.

Boiled egg, watermelon, broccoli, dip and pistachios.


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8 thoughts on “Normal Lunch: Meatless Edition

  1. bek says:

    My kids don’t even get meat every day. Who gives it to them every meal? No wonder some people complain about grocery prices…

  2. amysue1980 says:

    My kids’ favorite lunch is one I’ve mixed into the rotation after you and I put a last minute lunch together for a play date – string cheese and tons of fruit and raw veggies.

  3. Kristen Mennen says:

    Your children are eating healthier than school lunch. I’d like to see you blog about feeding your family on a budget. And I’m curious what you eat for dinner?

    • Heidi says:

      I’ll probably post recipes sometimes for what we have for dinner. I don’t call what we eat healthy. I call it balanced. I refuse to use low-fat foods (Foods that are CREATED to be low-fat, not things that are naturally that way, like veggies.). I hate giving my kids aspartame. We only eat whole-fat dairy. Butter, not margarine. Homemade whipped cream, not Cool Whip Free. I doubt that I’ll do a ton of food blogging though.

  4. Made josiah sandwiches today by spreading peanut butter between thin slices of apple. He was thrilled!

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