9 Things I Hope To See At The Homeschool Convention

No, Im not talking about any particular things I’m hoping to learn or products I’m hoping to see. I’m talking about jumpers, people!

I’m headed to a homeschool convention today and tomorrow with Juanita. We’ll learn a lot, but we’ll also see a lot of homeschool crazies, too. I’ll take pictures as I check these off my list. I’ll post my scavenger hunt findings on Sunday. Ready? Lets begin.

1. A jumper; denim is ideal.

2. Scrunchie; lace is ideal

3. Scrunch socks; preferably with a jumper.

4. A French braid that starts at the very front of the hairline.

5. A group of kids in either matching or themed outfits.

6. A protester.

7. A fanny pack.

8. Butt-length hair

9. Apple or teacher themed apparel

I will be so sad if I don’t find these things. Stay tuned…

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6 thoughts on “9 Things I Hope To See At The Homeschool Convention

  1. Sarah says:

    If you fall short on the hair photo, you know I’m there for you. Good luck. If this works out, then I suggest that in the future, you get friends to go with you, and you all take Bingo cards.

  2. Bek says:

    #4 and #8 combined would be ideal I think…

  3. Keith Smith says:

    Pictures of Juanita with any of the above mentioned items don’t count either. Though I would pay big bucks to see her in all the above in public.

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