Mama Had A Baby And It’s Eye Popped Out

Pet ownership is something a lot of parents sign up for. The kids want a pet. The parent knows they’ll end up feeding and cleaning up after whatever animal was necessary to enrich the lives of their offspring. What we DON’T know is there are thing we’ll have to do as pet owners that we never imagined.
G has rats, as you may remember. Since G has rats, The Husband and I also have rats.

We feed them when G forgets, clean up their poop, clean their cage, give them water and hold them sometimes because they’re actually really cute and smart.

We’ve learned so much about rats by letting them share our home with us. We’ve earned that they know their names, they love belly rubs, they’re not afraid of jumping off the couch and roaming the house untouched for a while, and they mourn when they lose a friend.

They also can have an unseen eye infection which will eventually cause the supplying blood vessel to burst, the eye to pop out and then shrivel up and fall off.

*chirp, chirp*

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