Shart Week: Day 1

This week is dedicated to farts and poop, and sometimes farts and poop together, which are the funniest. I have some really great stories in this genre (Is this a genre?). I feel it’s only fair that I share them.

One time when I was in my teens, I was sitting in the kitchen, talking to my dad while he dried dishes or something mundane like that. In the midst of this, he farted.

Now, my dad could drop some bombs. It s-t-u-n-k. It smelled exactly like hard-boiled eggs. Not only that, it was thick and filled the whole room without diluting. I couldn’t even pretend to be grossed out because I was so impressed. So, we just stood there and sort of giggled.

Then, my sister, who was probably 14 or 15 at the time walks in and says (and I quote), “Mmmmm. Yum. Are we having tuna salad?!”

There aren’t many time in my life when I have actually ROTFLOLed, but that was one of them. I still can’t tell the story without laughing until I cry.

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2 thoughts on “Shart Week: Day 1

  1. Marcy says:

    I just successfully read all 5 shart week posts outloud to my brother. I love that you made shart week a family event and included stories about your dad, sister, brother, grandpa, husband, and aunt all in one! bwahahaha. You are the absolute best story-teller EVER, H!

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