I’m Going To Wear A Bikini

This isn’t a new topic. Every single spring or early summer, each and every one of us – from toned size 2 all the way up to confident size 28 – put on our suits from last year, stand in front of the mirror and judge ourselves a little. Why is that? Do we really hate ourselves that much or does the problem actually lie somewhere else?

Its become increasingly obvious over the past few decades that the definition of the shape of a woman is changing. Breasts are bigger. So are hips, thighs, tummies, arms, feet… Okay, women are bigger. The food we eat is all wrong (which is a whole post on its own for another day), and the percentage of women who’s BMIs are in the unhealthy ranges continues to climb.

So, why are our swimsuits the same shape they were in the 80s (minus the high-cut thighs, thank God)? If women are generally more curvaceous and, to be frank, plumper, why are suits still made for smaller girls?

Someone about 10 years or so ago saw this problem emerging and tried to throw the more rotund ladies a bone. Unfortunately, the jankini tankini was one of the biggest fails in swimwear to make it big. No, swimsuit designers, I would NOT like a swimsuit that opens at the largest, squishiest, most striped, least toned part of my midsection!

Some advancements have been made in the one-piece department. Several companies have done some sweet Spanx-meets-suit morphs that have been cute and slimming, but they cost over $100. At This Is Totally Normal, we like to keep it real. A piece of clothing that touches my junk can’t cost over $100 unless it is the cutest thing ever.  These don’t fall into that category.

Then, FINALLY, someone heard our cries!

Enter the high-waisted bikini.

Monif C has a great line!  Gabifresh has a brand new line with swimsuitsforall.com which is selling out fast (I got this one, which is sold out now)!  Black Cat Bikinis has some great options for the curvy set.

They’re not just for big girls, either.  Check out the link to Black Cat Bikinis above.  They start at XXS and are so cute!

I love these suits.  I love that they have them in my size.  I love that girls my size are wearing them.

I don’t hate my size.  I just hate that the only swimsuits available to me are floral front/black back atrocities.

So, the ball is in your court now.  You can either buy a cute suit in your size and flaunt what you’ve got this summer, or you can starve yourself for a month so you can barely squeeze into what Victoria’s Secret has this year and do the same thing again next year.  Your call.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Going To Wear A Bikini

  1. Kristen Mennen says:


    I think after viewing the website for Black Cat Bikini’s, I think I can wear one! However, they are on backorder for 4-6 weeks!! EEEK!! I need a bathing suit before then!

  2. Andrea says:

    thanks so much for this! can you please do more posts on bathing suits like this and also clothing for curvy girls? I am not considered plus size but regular sizes L/XL don’t fit quite right either 😦 I am in between which sucks!

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