Eye Candy Thursday

Aw, yeah!! You’re in for a real treat!

This is really just a post about my stellar birthday yesterday with lots of selfies in it. You’re welcome!

The night before my birthday I got to hang out with some of my girls. I wore my fiesta shirt that I got in Mexico. Basically, the party follows this shirt wherever it goes. 20130515-222352.jpg

I had a great birthday. I ended up with a frappuccino, 2 hours in Target, only received emails from people I cared about and wore 7 (SEVEN) different lipsticks throughout the day. Look at these rad glasses I got from Target! They have geese on them because I guess that’s a thing now. 20130515-222342.jpg
<br /
I also got this book at Target. I heard it super dark and twisted, which sounds right up my alley.


Clearance disc earrings!!20130515-223128.jpg
I had an awesome day. This post is all sorts of discombobulated, but its because I’m still swimming around in a sea of euphoria. A friend came and took my kids and refused to let me suggest she would do otherwise. I got stuff I don’t need. I played games. I read. I showered without being interrupted. I went to bed tired and happy tithe sound of my very own birthday thunderstorm.

Being 33 is awesome and I don’t care who knows it.


3 thoughts on “Eye Candy Thursday

  1. Kristen Mennen says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Heidi! I am bad about birthdays-usually don’t even follow them on FB. Hope it was as fabulous as it sounds!

  2. Heather Stover says:

    Glad you had such a great day, Heidi! Happy belated birthday!

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