7 Things I’m Going To Do On My Birthday

Today is my birthday. This means nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I like to do stuff for myself once in a while and this is a good excuse to do it.

1. Ignore Facebook. The app is currently deleted from my phone and I don’t usually log on via my PC. Today, this would hold especially true. I certainly don’t mind if people who love me want to wish me a good day. People who are just responding to an alert their phone has sent them regarding my birthday need not waste their time. I don’t care.

2. Take a bath. I’m hoping to be able to slip into the tub all by myself without having anyone come in, poop in our only bathroom and leave me in their stink cloud. That’s all.

3. Get a frappuccino from Starbucks. I don’t usually get frappuccinos. They’re annoying. All the little ice bits get in the way of my coffee. However, there are some new, super girly flavors right now and I want one. Also, I’m getting a vente. Birthdays are vente days. Bonus: more caramel ribbons!

4. Go to Target. I’m a simple girl with simple desires. I just want to go to Target and buy something for me. Everyone knows that Target is the foremost authority for a girl to waste money on herself. I’m going to buy useful kitchen items and a new rug. Hahahahaha! Ha! No. Not really. I’ll probably buy some lipstick, nail polish and some Magic: The Gathering cards because that’s how I really roll.

5. Take a nap. If only…

6. Wear all of my favorite lipstick colors in one day. Doing it! Why? Uh, why NOT?! It’s my birthday. I’ll wear all the lipsticks if I want to. Like. A. Boss.

7. Watch some TV. I don’t watch it a lot, but I feel like on my birthday I should watch something that reflects the wisdom of a woman who has walked this earth for 33 years. I’m thinking 16 And Pregnant.

What do you like to do on your birthday?

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One thought on “7 Things I’m Going To Do On My Birthday

  1. Alison says:

    I like to not work on birthday. I don’t clean, I’m unproductive; basically I read all day.

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