My Mother’s Day Gift; Surprisingly It’s Not A Fruit Bouquet

You know, you would think that every mother in the world would want a fruit bouquet for Mother’s Day. Why WOULDN’T she?! Nothing says “Thanks, Mom, for all you do for me. You’re the best!” quite like some chemically bathed magical cut fruit that never turns brown and comes from a state 14 hours away. For all of you sucker husbands out there who actually bought those for the woman who bore your strapping sons, maybe you should keep reading and see what REAL men do for their wives to celebrate them.

I’ll just start by saying that this idea wasn’t The Husband and Juanita’s Husband’s idea. It was Juanita’s and mine, but the men unbegrudgingly went along with it. They knew that if they gave us this one day, on Father’s Day weekend, they could lock themselves in a man cave and smoke cigars INSIDE, drink scotch and watch We Were Soldiers and pretend like neither of them cried. So The Husbands have taken all 8 of our combined offspring and have promised to keep them alive until we meet up with them again for supper.

Our day begins at 9:25 a.m. The Husbands took all of the kids and we were all alone within the quiet of my house


We had some coffee…


Then we played some Mario Bros.


It got increasingly harder to play.


So, we stopped for lunch and a Nicolas Sparks movie.

Then, we took a break from that to spy on some strange goings-on outside. 20130511-133310.jpg

We continued the movie. Things got intense for a minute.

But it was all good in the end

More games.


Still no kids!!

Next, we did our nails…

And plucked our eyebrows…

And laid on the couch and didi nothing.

Then we played a little cards.

We spent 9 hours relaxing and doing whatever we wanted. For nine uninterrupted hours, no one needed us to get them more milk, wipe their butt or be emotionally present. AND The Husbands brought us Indian food for supper.

It. Was. Heaven.

No other Mothers Day gift could be as awesome as this one. Ever. Not even magic fruit.

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