Top 7 Words I Hate

No, not “moist”. I can say “moist” all day long. Moist, moist, moist.

I’m not totally sure why I detest this word so much. I think it mostly has to do with The Husband calling his computer his “machine” that makes me hate it. In general, I don’t like things to be put into broad categories when they could be generalized, generally speaking. It’s a laptop or a computer, not a machine.

Again. The Husband’s parents Old people like to use this one in reference to their cars. Too broad. However, somehow I’m OK with the incorrect use of words. If you say “car” instead of “cross-over”, “SUV” or “pickup truck”, I’m cool. If you start throwing “vehicle” into a conversation about your car though, I think that you either forget what kind of car you drive, don’t know the word “car” or are talking about the Lunar Roving Vehicle. Incidentally, I’d call the LRV the moon car.

Throb, Throbbing and Throbbed
I’ve read too many books of the romantic variety.

Testes and Testicles
*shudder* There’s so much to not like about this:

  • These words conjure up images. The images aren’t pretty. Ever. If you say you like this image, you are a liar.
  • …….. Uhhhh…..
  • No, just the one. It’s reason enough.

    Just “spit” will do.

    No. Just stop saying this.

    I don’t know. This one makes me see gruesome flashes of amputation scenes from movies or something.

    There you have it. These words are my moist. They give me the heebie jeebies. What words do you hate?

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    5 thoughts on “Top 7 Words I Hate

    1. Jessica says:

      I hate the word husband. When people say this is my HUSBAND! Really how about introduce him with his name!! Really gets me going!

    2. Sarah says:

      I hate “Hubby” too, with a passion. I suppose “wifey” would bother me if anyone used it, but no one I know does, so it seems harmless. I also hate “crotch.” Not only is it a really ugly, guttural sounding word, but none of the alternatives are much better.

    3. rawginger says:

      I hate the word “nowadays.” It sounds like you’re trying to be old-timey or something.

      • Heidi says:

        I noticed the other day that my kids say that, thisaway and thataway, which means I probably do, too. Bummer.

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