A Family Portrait


There we are! That’s my mom and dad and me circa 1981. I’m not sure what was going on when this was taken. It must have been some kind of big deal, though. You can tell by my dad’s sweet 3-piece and my mom’s Little House On The Prairie dress and cameo broach.

This was in the blissful time before anyone knew that I was legally blind. I had my first glasses when I was 15 months old, which is mind-blowing now that I’m a parent. Now, I realize how hard on my parents that must have been. The first ophthalmologist they saw told them I’d never read without Braille. Oh, and good news! That moron is still practicing in my home town. He knew nothing about what was going on inside my eyes yet thought it best to tell some first-time parents that their baby was blind without doing any sort of diagnostic testing to confirm it.

Fortunately, my mom and dad got a second opinion. After I was anesthetized for a closer look, the diagnosis was achromatopsia. Not awesome, but definitely not blind.

I’ll tell you more about achromatopsia and my struggles and triumphs with it as I keep writing. For today, I just wanted to show you my parents and I when it was just us and when everything was perfect.

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