This Photo has Been Censored.


Here’s G with Sloppy Joe, aka Sloppers or Slops. We needed to take a picture of them together. This rat is older than dirt (So, for a rat, thats about 2 years old.) and is probably going to kick the bucket soon, either due to natural causes or to The Husband’s mercy. When a kid with autism loses a pet, it’s not pretty, so having pictures around is helpful. We had to carefully pose this photo so that you can’t see all of Sloppy Joe’s crusty oldness (Scabby tumor on his back, crusty eyes and enormous, ENORMOUS balls. That last one is just a regulation boy rat trait.)

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2 thoughts on “This Photo has Been Censored.

  1. Kate says:

    It is hard for kids to lose a pet. When I was about 10, my dog (who’d been around -15 years) died. I remember sitting on top of the dog house and praying that she would resurrect from the dead. One of my first lessons of “To everything there is a season…” I survived and now that I have kids, pets are just pets 🙂

    • Heidi says:

      I know. I’m not attached to these guys at all. Fortunately, G will get over it quickly as long as he has a picture and is allowed to get a new rat.

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