A bike of one’s own.


This is 3. He’s the 3rd of my 4 children, as his cybername implies. Since he’s in the middle and is the second boy, he has had very few possessions in his 4 years of life that were his from the get-go. Poor buddy has had about 3 pairs of new pants, a new package of underwear once and a new chainsaw toy last year for his birthday. That’s about it. Even his beloved lovey is a hand-me-down.

So, you can imagine the joy in this kid’s heart when he got to go to the store yesterday with no other purpose except to get a brand new bike for himself. He chose a SWEET Angry Birds Space bike, which he will be forced to ride until the end of 2nd grade, even if he thinks it’s lame because there’s no room in our budget for vanity-related bicycle upgrades.

Oh, and he’s already had a stern talking to with a very serious threat from Dad to hang his new bike up in the garage. Sometimes when little boys get new bikes, it makes their nads grow and they think they’re allowed to ride in the road, suddenly.

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One thought on “A bike of one’s own.

  1. Angela says:

    Love this, Heidi — and I’ve yet to see an Angry Birds Space bike. Something to behold, I’m sure. 😉 Even though my boy is a lonely only, that doesn’t stop the hand-me downs coming in from other more well-endowed families. Clothing, toys, sundry play equipment. You know the drill. It is exciting to see them excited when the new item is “really theirs.”

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