Vitamin D is good for you!

Well, that’s what the GIANT sign at my tanning place says.

That’s right. I like tanning. I like everything about it.

I like the heat. I like the coconut smell that fills the air. I like the baked smell of my skin afterwards. I like the sound of the huge fan which leaves me alone in the world aside from my own thoughts. I like the way it makes my skin look. I like the illusion of a smaller body it gives (at least to me). I super like that there are no kids in there.

Is it good for me? Probably not

The use of tanning beds has been linked to skin cancer, but so has the use of the sun, which, try as you might, you’re still using. SPF lotions can only protect you so much. Do you reapply your facial moisturizer every 2 hours throughout the day? If not, you’re exposed on a daily basis to harmful UV rays.

Here’s some new info, though. Vitamin D deficiency has ALSO been linked to some forms of cancer. I mean, maybe this is a stretch. This would imply that tanning in a tanning bed is actually good for you, which probably isn’t true. I DO know that when I’ve had my dose of this vitamin, I feel better. I’m happier and more relaxed.

Other things that are supposedly linked to cancer: Carbon dioxide, deodorant, talc, cell phones, magnets, stress, alcohol, french fries, birth control pills, olive oil, Chinese food, milk hormones, bras, not breast feeding, toothpaste, grilled food, baby food, x-rays, well water, bottled water, celery, oral sex, sunscreen, and potato chips.

So, if tanning is your thing, do it, but be smart. Go for golden, not raisin. Tan within your skin’s limits. Burning is really bad for you. Protect your eyes. Wear a lotion.

I like tanning. I feel and look better when I do it. You can’t make me stop.


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2 thoughts on “Vitamin D is good for you!

  1. Angela says:

    That cancer litany puts everything into perspective, doesn’t it?

    I’ve only used a tanning bed once — right before my wedding. Hindsight obviously proved the mistake in this, but……I was young and naive and poorly schooled on usage (come to think of it, so was everyone else back in those glory days of the late 80s/early 90s)….and never got burned so badly. :{ Just be sure you toast lightly, dear. Cheers!

    • Heidi says:

      Oh NO! That sounds awful, Angela! I wish you’d had a better experience because it CAN be relaxing.

      I had a wedding-related tanning mishap, too. I wanted a healthy glow so my skin didn’t match my white dress. I was young and we were fresh out of the 90s and I got a little obsessed. I ended up to dark and regret it. Bummer.

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