Humans don’t suck.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the human race. You know, really deep stuff like Move, douchebag!! and Oh no you DI-ENT be disrespectin my challe!!

People are selfish. People are rude. Entitlement is the queen of a culture and her king is, well, it depends on who you are, really. See, WE are the kings in a society of douchebags. No one is more important to us than we are.

I don’t exclude myself from this. I strive to be different. I try to lay my head on my pillow each night with a day behind me that I can be proud of. It doesn’t always happen.

So, as we acknowledge this state of our society to be true, I want to take just a minute of your time to point a finger at some people in my life who have recently been lights in my life. There are more than just these two. These are just the two that are making me feel in a tangible way that the pursuit of the greater good isn’t a thing of the past.

On Sunday, we went to church. Garrett had been having a rough morning. He’s been having a rough go at life lately, in general. He’s been really emotional and moody. Anyway, we get to church, I attempt to drop him off in his classroom and he FLIPS. I mean, he went nuts and started running around everywhere, screaming and crying. I, of course, was humiliated. I saw friends pass. I know how they feel. They want to just pick him up and pick me up and make it go away. No one knows how to do that. I don’t even know how to do that.

I’m sitting there in the hallway while Garrett cries, wondering what I’m going to do. I never feel more alone than in those moments.

My friend Jennifer came up to us, took Garrett’s hand and asked him if he wanted to go with her.

He went into his class with her.

She didn’t have to do that. She did it, though.

I almost cried. In front of people. In a public place. I’m sure to her this was nothing. Or maybe it was this huge terrifying undertaking. I don’t know how she felt about it. All I know is that she did something for someone that, in that moment, was a rescue ladder.


Shannon takes Beatrice to school every day and picks her up there and brings her home.

This whole ride situation has been difficult for us. When Garrett started kindergarten, people were very eager to help us. I got to meet 3 wonderful women through him. They were all very willing to help. As he progressed through school, their situations changed and they had to move on from transporting Garrett to school. That’s life. Everything is always moving forward.

Then, when Beatrice started school, I got ZERO response from parents in her class. It was weird. No one wanted to help. All of these moms and dads sat in the drop-off and pick-up line each morning and afternoon and drove by our house each time they made this small commute yet noe one could help me?

I’m not sure why it surprised me. It’s 2013. In general, this is how people are today.

But, like I said, Shannon takes Beatrice to school now and picks her up and brings her home. She texts me and tells me about funny little things she says in the short time she gets to interact with her. We talk about our sons, who are similar. I’ve formed a friendship with a person that i barely had even heard of at this time last year.

Oh! Did I mention that Shannon’s kids aren’t even in our elementary school’s district? Yeah. This angel from God drops her son off at a DIFFERENT elementary school, drive to our house, picks Beatrice up, takes her to school and does it all again in the afternoon. Every. Day.

She doesn’t have to do this. She does it, though.

I just teared up tying about her. She has no idea how much she blesses our lives. I tell her and I pay her (which she pretends to act offended about) but there is nothing that I could physically do for this beautiful soul to express exactly how much this monotonous act she does means to me.


You never know what purpose your actions towards others might serve.

When you’re busy and are hurrying into the store with four kids and you pause to make sure the lady behind you doesn’t get a door slammed in her face, that could have been the only nice thing that happened to her that day.

When you take a screaming child from a mom who looks like she’s about to lose her cool, you might have given her the gift of some peace of mind while she takes an hour away from her most needy child.

When you smile at someone, they’re more likely to smile at you. True story.

When you grab your four screaming children and pull them all down onto the floor into a pile on your lap instead of flipping them off when they aren’t looking, they will remember it.

If you take a little girl to school just because you have the time and ability to do so, you might lift a burden off of someone’s shoulders that is suffocating them.

Maybe if we want the people in this world to stop sucking so much, maybe we should all stop sucking so much.

P.S. This blog is about ZERO hilarious. I should change the name.

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