My soul belongs in Bora Bora.

This is one of those places who’s location is a complete mystery to you if:

  • a.) you haven’t been there,
  • b.) you didn’t pay attention during geography class in high school or
  • c.) you’re not of French Polynesian descent.

I read a book recently that mentioned this place in the very briefest way and, since I’m a learner by nature, I looked it up.


It’s the most beautiful place on this planet.  I could have probably made this one of my “…Heaven” posts, but since it’s a brand new revelation to me, I thought I’d just tell you what I’ve learned so far.

So, Bora Bora is this island in the chain of islands called the Society Islands (which I didn’t know was a thing)  It has two mountain peaks, which used to be volcanoes.  It has 8,000+ inhabitants and there are billions of coconuts.

Bora Bora was first inhabited by some people that looked like Hawaiians.  It was called Pora Pora but words are hard so it’s Bora Bora now.  They’ve been there since around 300 A.D.  Then some explorers came and “discovered” their island.  This, of course, brought missionaries.  Now, in case you didn’t know, ye olde missionaries thought that bringing Jesus to some Pacific Islanders meant that the islanders should dress and act like Europeans.  So, basically, they went in there and screwed everything up.  Then the French came along and said “Zees island belongs pour France!” and made it a colony and forced their queen to not be queen anymore.

So, that’s Bora Bora’s history in a nutshell.

A fun fact is that the island is sinking at a rate of 1 cm per century.  So, if you were planning on going there when you retire but were worried about Bora Bora no longer being there, you’re in luck, my friend!

But I haven’t told you (or showed you) the best things about Bora Bora!  My favorite thing is this.


It’s completely surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reef.  Those overwater bungalows are almost standard at the local resorts.  That’s right.  Those bungalows pictured above are the hotel rooms.  !!!  The have ladders or stairs that go down into the lagoon below.  Some of them come with complimentary snorkeling gear.  Oh, did I mention that this lagoon has crystal clear water and a flobity-bajillion tropical fish?  Yeah…  I think that’s OK with me.

The climate is about as perfect as a climate can get.  It’s rarely below 70 degrees in Bora Bora and that’s at night in the winter.  Winter seems like the best time to go, though.  During summer mosquitos are a big problem.  Be sure to schedule your trip for sometime between May and October.

So, that’s Bora Bora.  It’s gorgeous.  It looks more beautiful than anything I’ve ever dreamed of.  I’m going there someday.  Who’s in?

I’ll leave you with some pictures.

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2 thoughts on “My soul belongs in Bora Bora.

  1. Alison says:

    You had me at “flobity-bajillion”. I’m in!!

  2. bek says:

    I had a friend honeymoon here. yeah. I hate her too. 😉

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