The obligatory Valentine’s Day post.

I hate this day.  I hate it with hurricane-force loathing.  Here are my problems with it:

  1. Why do we need this day to celebrate romance?  

I know what the romantic will say.  “Why not?”  Because relationships take work EVERY day.  For the romantic, that means that their significant other should strive to provide romance all the time.  Are you REALLY telling me that when your partner does something special for you today, February 14th, on the same day partners across the country are doing something “special” for their sugar pies, that you honestly feel special?  You shouldn’t.  

I also know what the mommies will say.  “It’s not just about romance.  It’s about showing those around me that I love them.”  Yeah.  I get it.  But shouldn’t you be doing that all the time?  Why do we need this mandated day to do it?  It would mean more if it was UNspecial.

     2.  Why does all of this romance and specialness revolve around buying things?  

The price of flowers octuples.  The specialty chocolates are suddenly poor quality and not-so-specialty because mass quantities of them are being made that usually revolve around some cheesy gimmicks.  Do I really want a 2 lbs heart shaped piece of chocolate?  Not really.  And the stuffed animals?  REALLY?!  How old am I?  What am I going to do with a stuffed monkey the size of an armchair?  No, tell me!  I want to know the answer to this.  Cards are nice but an email with the same words would mean as much to me.

The answer is obvious and we all know it.  So people can make money.  And they make truckloads of it off of you dopes.

So, there you have it, straight from the mouth (fingers?) of a married mother of four.  I’d better not get a gift, or even a “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  For me, those words hold the equivalent in meaning of the words “Happy Old People Awareness Day!” or “Merry Moonfrothen, brethren!”  

Oh, and P.S., your sofa-sized monkey was made by kids in a sweatshop in Korea.  Thought you should know.

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2 thoughts on “The obligatory Valentine’s Day post.

  1. Christina says:

    Awww party pooper. I was never into Valentines day until I had children. We don’t do anything fancy, just pink pancakes and some candy. Ok and valentines day socks from the dollar bin at target. What can I say I’m a sucker for pink, red, hearts and chocolate.

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